Wunder Workshop is a functional food brand making organic turmeric-based products. Founded in 2005, the business imports from Sri Lanka and mainly exports to the US, Holland, France and Germany through retail partners.


How will Britain leaving the European Union affect your business?

“It’s so hard to know what’s happening or when it’s going to happen. It’s really the uncertainty.

“The exchange rate is always tricky. Because we’re not that big, people will have their rules and pay in Euros and dollar so it’s unreliable. In terms of export, it’s so easy for France and Holland. No paper work you just call the courier. No tariff or export charges.

“There is just a lot of uncertainty so it will be harder to sell abroad. The way we do it with the US it was hard-work to set it up but now it’s fine. There’s more paper work but you get it done. If there is whatever is going to happen and it’s just straight forward we’ll deal with it. It’s just a little extra paper work. But now in terms of competition. But I feel if we are not part of the single market I think we will seem less interesting than other businesses based in Europe. The competition. With the costs for our US clients it has all exports and duties into the product cost, so it makes it more expensive.

“With importing I don’t know how it will be. All our products are certified organic. And this is all EU standards. So I don’t know how that will work. If we’re not importing into the EU I don’t know what import deals they will set up. We import from Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Last six months it has been quite a difference in terms of exchange rates.

“We’ve been paying all of this money for these certifications but now it’s just not going to be worth anything. All of the European logos on our packaging. It’s very unclear what will happen in that respect.

“We’re raising money at the moment. We had some interest from a guy in Amsterdam. But he was uncertain with Brexit and what it will mean for us. It’s just a lot of uncertainty. It’s that period up until it’s all set out. It’s annoying. I really don’t want go through a lot of hassle getting investors.

“The main thing is not knowing. There’s nothing really to prepare for. I am going to go and look and see how it is in Berlin. I don’t see how it will improve anything. I can’t see the positives.”